Proven tools to grow your business

The GoHealth call center is equipped with everything you need to grow your direct channel. With an advanced technology suite, we have the proven capability to successfully support your business needs at any scale.

Customer Relationship Management

A one-stop insurance CRM system to manage customer and prospect relations more efficiently.

BrokerOffice CRM is our proprietary lead management software designed specifically for insurance agents. Our ready-to-deploy software allows us to effectively manage your campaigns in one central location at no additional cost.

Lead Tracking and Distribution

Through BrokerOffice, every email, phone call, fax, or other contact our agents have with your customers and prospects is tracked in one spot, allowing you to gain insight on the customer lifecycle. The automatic lead distribution system is customizable by geographic territory, lead source, priority, or round robin so you can control each lead from the start.

  • Status checking for each lead
  • Effortless lead distribution
  • Compare ROIs between various campaigns


Agent productivity is instantly increased through our revolutionary quote engine. In seconds, agents can compare rates and plans online side-by-side, providing an easy to understand snapshot of available plans and features. Profits are maximized through our cross-selling engine, allowing the ability to quote life, accident, and other ancillary plans you sell.

  • Quote plans side-by-side
  • Drag & drop feature to create customized proposals
  • Product bundling made simple

Proposal Generation

Our outsourced insurance call center agents are equipped with tools to send health insurance and cross-selling proposals to compare the details of the insurance offering and to show the benefits of bundling products to get tailored coverage to fit every individual. Agents can also send partially completed applications with custom messaging and instructions to remove barriers for the consumer and increase submitted application conversions.

Application Submission & Enrollment

Electronic applications are completed and submitted with full delivery integration to your underwriting system. Applications can be tracked through submission and renewal with real time underwriting status updates.

Secure Data Storage

Data is backed up daily and is stored securely on multiple co-located servers, ensuring your data is safe and information is easily accessible 24/7. Additionally, BrokerOffice requires secure, password-protected logins for all users for an added level of security.

  • Automatically monitored every 2 seconds
  • Built-in redundancies
  • 24-hour network technicians


Run reports to get a real-time snapshot of your cost per lead and conversion rates. Our tracking feature allows you to compare ROI across different lead sources, so you can better allocate your lead budget toward the best-performing campaigns.

  • Cost per lead
  • Conversion reporting
  • ROI comparisons