Contact Center Services from GoHealth

Experience, reliability and customer service you can count on. Discover the various
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Health Insurance Call Center

Superior outsourced health insurance solutions for any scope.

From new, short-term individual policies, to the family of six who has been with you for years, we have the bandwidth to execute all of your insurance call center campaigns to their fullest potential.

Individual and Family

Individual and family policies are likely the most common plans you will produce. They’re also extremely competitive between carriers, which is why it’s important to stay current. Entrust GoHealth with the execution of your individual and family insurance campaigns and you can rely on a fully functional team of agents working to make you the best in the industry.

Your goals are our goals, and we make sure we’re exceeding them 100% of the time. Our agile model allows for quick changes to best support our clients, consumers and employees; resulting in increased satisfaction and success across the board.

Member Services

We know members are the core of your business. Let us ensure that each interaction is handled with the highest level of service to keep them satisfied at the GoHealth insurance call center. From enrollment and onboarding to customer service, our friendly agents and representatives are at your service as an extension of your brand.

  • Appointment Setting - When a consumer prefers an in-person meeting to discuss health coverage options, GoHealth representatives can schedule appointments on your behalf

  • Application Status - Direct inquiries to our call center where we can check underwriting statuses of consumer applications

  • Consumer Assistance Support - GoHealth representatives can handle a multitude of inquiries to ensure each member has a positive experience with your brand

Peak Call Volume Support

GoHealth provides health insurance contact support on a 24/7/365 basis, so no matter what time of day or year, your prospects and members will be put in touch with the right representative to handle their needs. Avoid trying to predict call spikes and seasonal call volume staffing – just direct your inbound line to our agents where your calls will be handled efficiently.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction - prospects and members will appreciate the quick response time instead of high wait times and getting voicemails

  • Cost Savings - reduce costs by outsourcing calls to our established call center