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Cross-Selling Campaigns

Increase profitability within existing members.

Selling doesn’t stop when a client buys an insurance policy. It continues throughout the duration of their lifetime as a customer. Cross-selling is an important aspect of your sales cycle that is sometimes ignored due to lack of time or resources, which can actually cost more money in the long run. Customers that bundle their insurance policies have a 95% retention rate, which proves to be extremely profitable. From data analysis to campaign execution, GoHealth’s contact center is capable of handling your company’s cross-selling program to ensure your continued success.

Data Analysis

One of the most difficult aspects of cross-selling and upselling campaigns is collecting the data to uncover those opportunities. GoHealth keeps all of your customer data in one centralized location in order to effectively manage and analyze trends and buyer personas.

Painting a clear picture of each customer, including their predicted behaviors, opens up an entirely new market for upselling and cross-selling potential. By organizing that data in a formation that allows for easy access and event-triggered alerts, we can pinpoint very specific target markets to successfully market new products.

Detailed Segmentation

Segmenting lists based on customer demographics, major life events and previous buying behaviors allows us to effectively market to each targeted group and promote relevant cross-selling and upselling offers.

GoHealth segments your consumer database by:

  • Demographics - target customers based on age, gender and health status to help them find the best coverage for their needs

  • Geographic area - provide customers with the most cost effective plans in their area

  • Behavioral tendencies - determine how customers like to be communicated with, predict who responds to specific types of marketing campaigns as well as unique needs and wants to yield the lowest attrition rates

  • Major life events - upsell and/or cross-sell various products when clients buy cars, get married, purchase homes, and have children

Our ability to divide your customers into these intricate lists allow us to aim at only those who will benefit from targeted outbound marketing call campaigns and in turn, succumb to the highest return. Utilize our medicare call center agents to manage over 65 inbound call campaigns during Annual Enrollment Period. The GoHealth call center is highly scalable to adjust for seasonality peaks, regardless of your highest volume campaigns.

Campaign Execution

After data compilation and list segmentation, GoHealth follows through with every last detail of your cross-selling and upselling campaigns. From the initial calls to the final reports, you can ensure your team will be updated with comprehensive results every step of the way.

Our outsourced insurance call center representatives adapt the values, strategies and personality of your company to create one cohesive unit across the board. Their expertise in your product line allows them to provide the best assistance to your cross-sell and upsell customers. Most importantly, our contact center representatives are readily available to help your clients find the best coverage obtainable, not pressuring them into unnecessary insurance plans.