Effective solutions for every sales hurdle

Streamline your business with GoHealth solutions. From new member enrollment
to loyalty and retention campaigns, we’re your one-stop-shop for increasing revenue
and decreasing overhead costs.

Retention Programs

Don't just obtain new members - retain them as members.

It is seven times more costly to acquire new customers than to retain an existing customer. Utilize the GoHealth call center to execute retention and loyalty campaigns so you can focus on building your brand while retaining current members. Our highly skilled team of agents is equipped to handle the size or scope of any retention program you might be interested in. Protect your most profitable sector of business with GoHealth’s member retention services.

Member Insight

In order to keep your customers happy, you must first know what it is that makes them happy, as well as what doesn’t. GoHealth’s member insight acquisitions bring those underlying issues to the surface and counteract them with our innovative customer service tactics.

  • Customer data and statistics pulled from multiple sources help us determine the probable outcomes of each “type” of customer to better service them, and in turn, retain their business.

  • Our call center is outfitted to execute outbound retention campaigns to ensure your customers get the best treatment possible. The highest cancellation period for an insurance policy is in the first three months. GoHealth can nurture your customers throughout that sensitive stage to keep your name on their radar – establishing touch points to ensure satisfaction with their new policy, increasing retention rates.

  • Are you in contact with each of your members right before their renewal period is up? Through our various retention programs, GoHealth agents acting on your behalf proactively reach out and help guide your members into either renewing their current policy or changing to an alternate plan you offer.

Customer Service

Good customer service will always be one of the most vital aspects of a company’s business model. Without it, customer retention numbers would be desolate. Our 500+ seat capacity health insurance call center has the resources to serve your customers with exceptional service and deliver nothing less than the best representation of your company.

Our volume allows you to reduce contact center costs and increase quality of service. Our expertly trained representatives are well versed in all aspects of your company in order to best serve your clients and assist with any problems or questions they may have. We’re consistently available to help customers through the entire sales process and throughout the longevity of their coverage.

GoHealth’s commitment to your company’s continuing success resonates throughout our end-to-end business model – and will carry through to yours to deliver your customers with the highest quality customer service.

Loyalty Programs

Once you’ve acquired a customer it’s critical, in a financial sense, to keep them on board. It’s much easier and cost effective to retain their business than to recruit new business. That, however, is easier said than done, which is where GoHealth comes in.

We coordinate and execute outbound marketing call campaigns specifically designed to keep your customers satisfied with their insurance coverage, year after year. We reach out to customers before their plans change to help them find the coverage that is both in their price range and satisfactory to their needs. Doing so eliminates the surprise factor for the customer, and the chance that they might do shopping elsewhere on their own.

Shopping online for insurance has exploded in the past decade, which makes it very easy for your current customers to find a plan that’s cheaper at face value, but doesn’t offer up sufficient coverage. By reaching out to them before they get the chance to shop around, we are able to help them find exactly what they’re looking for – while keeping them as a loyal customer. A win-win situation for everyone.