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Get an overview of all GoHealth BPO benefits and solutions available to you.

  • Solutions

    GoHealth has taken the most common problems that sales teams face and refined and perfected solutions that work.

    • Sales Outsourcing
      Cut costs, not corners when it comes to your business by using our innovative, results-driven sales model.

    • Retention Programs
      Keep clients you worked hard to obtain with our proactive and proven retention methods.

    • Cross-Selling Campaigns
      Increase profitability within existing members.

  • Agents

    GoHealth agents maintain the knowledge and training needed to provide an educational and pleasant consumer experience from end to end.

    • Recruitment
      Reduce cost and effort by outsourcing your recruitment needs to GoHealth.

    • Training
      Our licensed agents are well-versed in your products before member interaction, to ensure only the highest quality of service.

  • Technology

    The GoHealth call center is equipped with everything you need to grow your direct channel.

  • Contact Center

    With over 10 years of experience and touching all facets of the insurance industry, we have the expertise, technology, processes and people in place to support your business needs.

    • Inbound Call Center
      Direct your inbound calls to GoHealth, and you’re guaranteed high-end service at a low-end price.

    • Outbound Call Center
      GoHealth’s 500+ seat capacity outbound call center is equipped to handle all of your marketing needs, no matter the size or scope of the job.

    • Health Insurance Campaigns
      From new, short-term individual policies, to the family of six who has been with you for years, we have the bandwidth to execute all of your insurance call center campaigns.

    • Medicare Campaigns
      GoHealth’s expansive medicare call center is readily available to handle any volume of phone calls for your Medicare AEP.

    • Cross-Selling Programs
      Utlilize the resources of our outsourced call center for cross-selling campaigns.

    • Retention Programs
      GoHealth gathers key pieces of information from your customers and organizes it all in one location in order to best serve your clients’ needs.